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tv   2020  ABC  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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ooh -[ sobs ] -[ groans ] and now, abc's "20/20.". more than five decades. their accusations against this one man -- bill >> but now, after all those "he said/she said and said and said and said," he's been criminally charged in a high-stakes case.rica has been watching his stunning fall in slow motion. >> not stand up comedy but standing up in court on assault charges.ou respond to the charges? >> his signature sweater, now stripped of color.
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78-year-old. and just this week, his wife, n in a civil case now on hold. tonight, some of the women and their accusations that have this turning point. >> they kept saying to me, "you're so beautiful. and you wanna be an actress?c. we have to introduce her to cos." >> i first met bill cosby in 1969. >> in 1976. >> in 1984.ring comedy writer. >> i was a flight attendant for american airlines. >> i was a singer/songwriter. >> i was just a small town girl. >> i wasn't gonna go up against ever told anyone. >> it was time to put down my fear. >> we have a right to speak our voice.e to validate what i need to do is tell my
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goodi'm elizabeth vargas. >> and i'm david muir. >> after macing the court of public opinion, bill cosby now for the first time has entered a real court, criminal assault and ift could send the comedian to jail. >> cosby's lawyers says they will fight the criminal charges and that his accusers are lying. hear from some of the dozens of women who have come forward with accusations t cosby. and they have, we should warn you, graphic dedale. >> 50 >> comedian charged with aggravated assault. and violated adecade ago. >> reporter: it has been a long fall for the once powerful and revered entertainer, from
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released last week on $1 milliong elderly man facing up to ten years in prison if convicted. there are people who say that that entire entrance into court,ble on the step, was all choreographed. >> i don't think there's any question that the fact that bill cosby looks like a frail, old by his attorneys as a potential benefit. >> reporter: for years, a chorus of women making allegations, nowst time, getting her day in criminal court. >> i think he never imagined that this was gonna happen.eporter: it all hinges on claims made by this woman, andrea constand, 12 years ago. just last week prosecutors filing criminal charges, days before the statute of limitations ran out.lleging that cosby her.
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they are striking similar to by a chorus of women spanning five decades.nt for the world to know the truth. >> i felt dominated.aulted me. >> sexually assaulted me. >> i said stop it. >> bill cosby appears to think rape is a joke. well, let me tell you something, bill, i'm not laughing.e than 50 women have come forward. more then a dozen of them agreed to sit down and share their stories in unprecedented detail, as seen in a&e's documentary n speak." through his attorneys cosby has issued staunch denials. >> what i am saying is that he accusations. the sheer volume or number of people who are saying a particular thing does not make it true.r long
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revealed he admitted to procuring quaaludes for extramarital sex. headlines that are grabbing one excerpt or two and then %-pmisinterpreting them.utraged fellow comedians, cosby has become a punchline. >> and sleeping beauty just thought she was getting coffee with bill cosby. >> reporter: leaving co-stars >> what has happened is, declaration in the media of and a legacy is being destroyed because of it, it's being obliterated.wn response to the firestorm, disbelief. >> i have been in this business 52 years.e never seen
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and reality is the situation.i -- i can't speak. >> reporter: the allegations m start in the mid '60s, a time when bill cosby, a former temple university track star from philadelphia, was already on his way to becoming a legend for breaking racial barriers. in black and white households across the country, and he was the first black actor to star in his own show, "i spy." "television's jackie robinson." >> it was a time when there was police dogs and fire hoses on in the early '60s there were riots and chaos over poverty, racism, the vietnam war. you wanted to believe that that american spirit was still there.y that than a black kid from a humble
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makes it big and gets accepted >> everything changes now. >> do you know anything about spanish fly? >> what? >> spanish fly?legations against bill cosby are true they give haunting new meaning to one of his most famous routines, spanish fly. >> you know anything about spanish fly? no, tell me about it. well, there's this girl, crazy mary, you put some in heke [ unintelligible grunting ] >> i said, "it's too sweet." and he said, "no, no, no, you need to drink it and to loosen up." >> he said, "just ya know, just relax, have a drink first and then we'll get into the a pill next to my wine glass, he said, "here, take this. this will make you feel better." >> i was an aspiring comedy writer.tarshis, and i
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i first met bill cosby in ing "the bill cosby show." i went with him back to the room >> reporter: she says he poured her a drink. >> very shortly after that i just got very groggy. thing i know he was there taking off my pants. and i thought quickly and said ifection, which was a lie. so he stuck his manly parts intofinished and a cab to take me home.
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accepted another invitation fromee him perform onstage. >> i thought, "maybe we're going to a theater where there's lots of people so i'll be okay.", i think i had a drink there. >> reporter: joan claims she doesn't remember what happened next.morning when i woke up next to him naked and i just slipped out of bed feeling lower than dirt.y name is victoria valentino. i am a vintage playboy playmate. i'm a registered nurse. i'm an artist.toria valentino says she and a friend dined with she'd lost her 6-year-old son in a drowning accident. >> he knew that my child had and i was very depressed, you know?
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a pill next to the wine glass. he said, "here, take this.l better." and i thought great, you know. and i really never felt in any m him at all. and so i took the pill. i couldn't keep my head up. and i was starting to feel nauseated. and i said, "i wanna go home." of taking the two women home, valentino claims cosby drove them to a small office. , i realized everything was very, very silent. so i opened my eyes and i looked around to me and at that point, extracted his pound of flesh. i could hardly walk by that time. and i couldn't, had me perform oral sex, then he stood
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did me and he walked out. there is any question about why women don't report rape it's because it's so iliating. you don't ever want to talk about it again. next, from the playboy mansion to cosby's home for christmas. and this woman says an assault, with his family not far away. me in his home on christmas eve, that's unbelievable. >> when we come back. d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain.iarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms.rks differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you havetivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan.
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tt2w`t2n`qt" bt@q2;x < tt2w`t2n`qt" bm@q)> reporter: by the late 1960s, s hitting new highs. he was starring in his own sitcom and was a staple on "the tonight show," guest hosting for johnny carson more than 30 times. definitely think there's
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>> reporter: cosby was also a regular at the playboy mansion in los angeles.on the show "playboy after dark." the playboy brand meant style and glamour.boy" magazine that year and the issue was coming out in november of 1977.a butterfield and i was 22 years old when i met bill cosby.she'd never met cosby until one day when he called her on the phone. that he had saw my picture in the magazine and thought i was very beautiful. and he heard that i was an aspiring actress. and he says, "how would you like to join me and my family for christmas eve dinner in massachusetts?"
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everything was wonderful. and until later that evening -- was alone. bill cosby wrapped his arms by my hair and pulled me back. and he was attempting to kiss me. groping me, not just my breasts. he felt pretty entitled to touch me in parts that he had no right i said, "stop. get off me." i said, "your family is here." what was i gonna say?ere to prey on me. and -- and to sexually assault me in his home on christmas eve.ievable. i don't know. i've never gotten over it.. and the worst is when you come
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bunnies, my fellow coworkers anda know, "oh, my god, you, bill cosby, what was it like?" what can i say? it was wonderful. >> reporter:hit cartoon -- the now-classic "fat albert." >> hey, hey, hey. >> reporter: and he was beginning to work in movies, even starring opposite sidney urday night." >> you see what i saw? >> yes, i saw what you saw! you dead? >> reporter: his film career by this time cosby was a bona fide member of the international jet set. >> i was a flight attendant for american airlines. in 1976. >> reporter: "elizabeth" is using an assumed name.r family and her business. she says she had just turned 20 when she saw bill cosby on a flight from new york to los
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autograph. he was very obliging and he said, "i'd like to take you to dinner."ace called tokyo kaikan. he had a glass of sake. and i really didn't know what sake was. i did not drink or do, just taste it.k it to loosen up." it's bill cosby, what could happen? it was literally like being under anesthesia and, um, trying to come out but you can't. after that, i don't know how i ended up in his hotel room.ressed and he put on a robe and he sat down. and he told me to come over and
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too hard to talk about. profusely sick and the driver got me in his car and i was throwing up in a rolls-royce and i said, i'm so sorry.u aren't the first." and i was filled with shame and guilt, i would have never ever told anyone.e return, pitching products on screen. >> it's a snack because it's so rich and creamy. >> and she saysreen as an acting coach. >> he told me to bring a monologue. >> reporter: showing her scrapbook, memories of what she calls a nightmare, next. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom?sonal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time.
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@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< twts continue "20/20" continues with the new cosby cars. >> reporter: in the late 1970s and early '80s, cosby's fame would make him the perfect can brands
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because it's so rich and creamy >> reporter: ford, and coca-cola. wealth and cemented a trust-worthy persona. >> this starkly different story was allegedly unfolding. >> my agent called me and said there was an icon who was ntoring promising, young talent. my name is heidi thomas and i was 24 years old when i first met bill cosby.hought was, "wow, i'm promising, young talent." >> reporter: heidi says cosby called her and her parents to e her to reno, nevada, for acting coaching in 1984. >> i thought it was nice that he called. he seemed to be intent on makingren't worried about this trip.
10:26 pm
such a point of saying, "everything's going to be fine." >> he told me to bring a monologue. because he was so squeaky clean,urred to me that there was anything untoward about this at all. >> reporter: thinking it was the chance of a lifetime, heidi says she kept everything. and 31 years later, she says she still has the plane ticket, and of her trip to reno. >> it would have looked weird if i didn't keep a scrapbook about getting acting coaching from bill cosby, so absolutely, i took pictures.the airport. there was a driver there to pick me up and he said, "oh, yes. there's been a change of plan.has loaned him his ranch house." there's what i drove up to, right here, this big, verandas ranch house. rang the doorbell. bill cosby answers the door in
10:27 pm
very friendly. >> reporter: heidi says she was shown her room and later e for cosby. >> he wasn't too impressed. he said, "let's try a cold read."ript. and the person i'm supposed to be clearly is intoxicated. i do remember him saying, "heidi, have you ever been drunk?" really." and he said, "well, how -- how do you expect to play a role like this?" so he poured a glass and he said, "all right. this is your prop. you're gonna sip on your wine."-- i don't remember anything other than one sip. >> reporter: she says the next four days are a drug induced blur. does remember mental snapshots. >> my clothes were on. his were not.down and he was
10:28 pm
then the next snapshot is, i ly telling me that we're gonna be doing this again. and i thought, "this isn't why i'm here." no memory of being taken back to the airport, of being greeted by my parents. >> reporter: several weeks later, she says she went to a show in st. louis to get answers happened. >> all i can say is that i just -- i wanted to make it right. did i remember things right?mare? did he say he was gonna mentor me and not mean any of it? when it became clear that i get any answers to any of my questions, i wanted a picture with him. my parents and i never discussed this. not once.
10:29 pm
allegation against the squeaky o's she gonna believe? in the battle of public opinion alone, he was knew how to zero in on my insecurities and my vulnerabilities. >> reporter: in 1985, barbara a 17-year-old aspiring model-actress. >> i had no father figure in my d and he knew there were trust issues there. he could come to town to scout talented and i was selected as one of the talent. >> reporter: she claims cosby manipulated her into trusting him and later drugged and sexually assaulted her several times.lass of wine and the next thing i knew i was coming to, slumped over the
10:30 pm
looming over me in a white robe.s and a white t-shirt. i was sick, i was confused, i was foggy. but i knew something had happened.there was another incident in a hotel, in atlantic city. >> he attacked me, he came afterand tried to rape me and i was coherent enough to fight, and scratch, and try to rustle my way out of there. he had me pinned to the bed with his elbow under my chin and was ferociously trying to remove hiswhile trying to get down my pants, and it was not gonna happen and i fought so hard that he ay off the bed. he looked me square in the eye and he said, "i better never,
10:31 pm
>> reporter: bowman confided in a girlfriend years later who took her to a lawyer.wyer in 1989 he laughed me out of the office. who's gonna believe me? he's dr. huxtable after all, .er dr. huxtable and a runaway hit. and an actress who says he used the show for an assault. >> nuzzled my neck and said, "this is making love. we're gonna make love."ow" cast member speaks up. >> something is goin' on. everybody is not auditioning. >> reporter: when we come back. people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza . p for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. is proven to lower
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>> mr. mcmanus, your wife is having a baby in there.the emmy winning nbc sitcom "the cosby show" would make bill cosby a household name for a whole new generation.t this? they're in -- ah! i got you, i got you!by's dr. cliff huxtable and his family were educated professionals whose problems and popularity transcended race. >> dad, you're great.erful message for the african american community for the whole world towe're a part of the american fabric. >> reporter: so many people wanted to be a part of it, including beverly johnson, already famous in her own right
10:35 pm
african-american model. of more than a dozen women who shared their stories in a&e's documentary " >> i was thrilled that they were interested in auditioning me for the show. i believe that there was even a possibility of a re-occurring role.r: in the mid-'80's, johnson says she was invited to cosby's brownstone to rehearse. next, she says he insisted she try a cappuccino. >> immediately i felt woozy. everything was spinning. and i was dizzy, and i knew i had been drugged. no doubt in my mind. he puts one hand around my waist.ocking my head and saying, "you're a [ bleep ], aren't you?"o johnson, cosby escorted her out
10:36 pm
a taxi. >> i was so member had done something to me. i knew that the kind of person i was dealing with would destroy me.helan lasha, and i was 17 years old when i met bill cosby. >> reporter: like johnson, s she admired cosby, she believed he was interested in helping with her career, when she was invited to his las vegas hotel, in 1986. chelan says her aunt had shown photo, and he then offered to introduce her to the ford modeling agency. >> i was so excited. you know, bill cosby.nt to the hilton, he said that someone from the agency was
10:37 pm
took a couple of snapshots of mead left and i was having really bad allergies and he said, "here, this is an antihistamine," and it was a blue pill, and he gave it to me with a shot of amaretto.l make you feel better." pretty soon i got to feeling kinda disoriented and it's like i couldn't move my body., kinda catatonic.y breasts and he was grunting. and i kept saying to myself, uxtable -- dr. huxtable," and i remember something warm up my leg and i -- and i was passed out and i woke up to him saying, "daddy said, wake up, daddy said, wake up."$1500 on the dresser. i thought i was gonna to be on "the cosby show," i thought he
10:38 pm
me. he made me feel like nobody. i felt like nothing. i'm just a high school student. >> reporter: later in her life, chelan had run-ins with the law.e with cosby changed the course of her life. >> i hate thged when i met him for the worse. you know, i've got a piece of my soul back, but it took a long time.s are in show business. bill cosby is the biggest, this year. >> reporter: by the late 1980s, cosby was a powerhouse brand. forbes magazine rates him the highest paid celebrity in america, making millions from television commercials, stand-ups and best-selling books. >> bill cosby was a titan in 1989. >> we were contacted by a
10:39 pm
>> reporter: that year, a ear-old eden tirl was cast as a police officer on an episode of "the cosby show." she claims she was singled out and called to cosby's dressing room where she was harassed. >> he closed the door and locked it behind him, pulled me into tight, nuzzled my neck and said, "see, this is making love. we're just going to make love.." i cannot imagine -- i cannot imagine that there aren't people who were working in and around that set, that knew that something was going on. >> i didn't witness anything. >> reporter: joseph phillips played the role of martin kendall, denise huxtable's husband, from 1989 to 1992.lways a sense of something.
10:40 pm
this parade that would come beautiful women. something -- something is going on. everybody's not auditioning, you know. >> reporter: but phillips says he didn't believe recent nst cosby until a friend of his who has not come forward told him privately that she had been assaulted by and she says, "do you believe me?" you." it's a tragedy. he was well loved by millions and millions of people.t, after bill cosby spoke up from one stage. >> these young girls got no would take him on from the stand up stage. >> yeah, but you raped women bill cosby, so --" >> reporter: when we come back. things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your
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"20/20" continues v >> reporter: for the new millennium, cosby had a new image going from actor to activist using his fame to preach to the black community. >> he wins the biggest humanitarian award a civilian rom the president. and he's like, the best of
10:44 pm
>> 70% of the teenage nant happen to be african-american girls. don't ask me to soften my message. >> the old cosby would've made a joke out of that. the new cosby wasn't really so he was criticizing. >> respect for yourself. respect for others. these young girls got no business having sex. >> reporter: but in 2005, the veneer of the revered actor and father figure was starting to chip away. a woman from pennsylvania would t with claims that would ultimately lead to cosby's day in criminal court. andrea constand, a former temple university athletic director, ior, at cosby's home, she took three blue pills that cosby had offered her and became barely conscious. molested her.
10:45 pm
said the pills he offered her were benadryl. eventually, 13 other women came attorneys with similar stories and offered to testify on her behalf. >> i said that's enough, i will longer and no one believed this woman and i did because her story was my story.efore any of the 13 jane does could testify, on november 8, 2006, the lawsuit was settled with a confidentiality agreement and sealed.that years later this case would come back to haunt him. and even back in 2006, that oes from continuing to speak out. >> it was my calling to come forward and not stay a jane doe,eople knew my name that people knew i had the courage to come out, hoping to empower other women.
10:46 pm
faded from public consciousness,han a footnote in cosby's decades long career. >> and i just had to shelve it, file it away and carry on with my life. >> reporter: a bestselling biography about cosby came out tted any mention of sexual assault allegations. with a national comedy tour, cosby seemed primed for a late career renaissance.t would be another comic who would steal the spotlight and shine new light on old allegations. on a thursday night in october ed hannibal buress' standup set at the trocadero theatre in philadelphia. >> pull your pants up, black people.v in the '80s. i can talk down to you because i had a successful sitcom. yeah, but you raped women bill cosby, so -- >> reporter: the video of co
10:47 pm
>> this guy is a man. about it in his standup routine? and suddenly everybody believes him. >> there were many, many, many women that had come forward longad said anything. so i think that's [ bleep ]. >> reporter: barbara bowman told her story yet again in an ticle for "the washington post." the headline, "bill cosby raped me. for people to believe my story?" >> the timing was right, i guess. the impact of social media is so immediate that people were listening. was suddenly a headline that cosby could not escape. in november 2014, cosby was asked about the allegations during an interview with the associated press. your name coming up in the news recently, regarding, this comedian. >> no, no. we don't answer that. >> okay.thing from you? >> what's that?
10:48 pm
shown. and i would appreciate it, if it was scuttled.ome back, what's next in the court case, and could cosby go to jail? >> he's facing uars. honey is magic, no doubt. i mean, you're eating sunshine. start with triscuit and honey, and then add on from there.uit. it starts simply with three ingredients. it's just a great little platform. there's endless combinations you can make. on top of that. put a little dollop of honeycomb. a sourwood honey, probably is the best honey in the world. you're only limited by your imagination,
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tt2w`t2n`qt" "a@q"7< tt2w`t2n`qt" bm@q)> mr. cosby, how do you feel about the charges? >> mr. cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. this is a felony of the first
10:51 pm
deposition buried by court order nine years ago in that civil brought by andrea constand and unearthed earlier this year, cosby's own damning words from he had given some women quaaludes, now being used against him by montgomery county prosecutor kevin steele.admits giving andrea that night was some benadryl. quaaludes. other women, yes, not her., "i remember what happened to me. benadryl doesn't do that to you." >> doesn't render you unconscious, incapable of moving.e one of the legal questions in the case. lawyer, monique pressley, is ready to fight that question as she also denies all the charges against him. >> he did admit to having ars earlier the drug quaaludes,
10:52 pm
drug, and that he offered it to two women who took it consensually.cutor's case is not a slam dunk. it is based almost entirely on testimony from the accuser, andrea constand, about an 12 years ago with no forensic evidence to back it up. but there is that long list of alleged victims repeating a very similar story.ther all of these other women are gonna be able to testify is gonna be an enormous legal battle. >> and how does the prosecution argue that they should be heard? >> the prosecutors will argue s m.o. this was a pattern of conduct on his part, it was the drugs. it was the alcohol. >> reporter: meanwhile, as cosby criminal charges in pennsylvania, his lawyers are also fighting in a massachusetts courtroom. >> lawyers representing seven women suing bill cosby for defamation say they plan to depose cosby's wife. that's where seven of his alleged victims
10:53 pm
against cosby. just a week ago, cosby struck suit of his own against the women including bowman, tarshis and separately against beverly johnson. defendants have made false, malicious statements against mr. cosby. >> reporter: in fact, cosby's lawyers have denied all the m. but the accusers say they find strength in each other. >> i had the courage to come out.women. i have gone from victim to victim's advocate. e. >> and you can't take that on by yourself. >> a woman drove by just two weeks ago and spit at me and liar. which really shook me up. nobody likes to be called a liar, nobody likes to be spit at.
10:54 pm
>> the numbers started building, then you realize now it's not ant. >> it was me and you and you and you and you and you and you. >> and finally i told my daughter.hese women say the first step towards coming forward was to tell their mothers, their sisters, their daughters. >> she was, like, so upset.and i might be coming out with the story." she said, "no, don't, mom. do you want that for your legacy?"daughter calls back and says, "you know i talked to my husband," and she said, "i want you to tell your story. and i want you to know that i'm behind you."now i couldn't have told you. no one would've ever believed me.
10:55 pm
cried and cried and cried and cried and held me, like i was 19 again.ere i am, 38 years later finally telling my story. no one would've ever believed me in 1976. >> victims can come forward, ut. no matter how wealthy, no matter how famous, no matter how powerful you are, you are not exempt from justice and the law. >> and of course we will continue to follow this story and bring you all the latest developments. i'm elizabeth vargas. >> and i'm david muir. thanks forour saturday night with us. and enjoy the rest of your weekend. we'll see you next friday.
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